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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets: Robbie Gould Starts The Scoring 3-0 Bears

The Chicago Bears and New York Jets are underway at Soldier Field. The sky is cloudy, but there's no snow. The Jets won the toss but deferred. A short kickoff, and the Bears start on their own 34.

Matt Forte runs for four yards on first down, he goes around the edge on second down, and it's third and inches. Chester Taylor hits the line and gets the first. The Bears are near their own 45, but a false start drops them back five yards. It's first and fifteen, and Jay Cutler's first pass goes fourteen yards to Devin Hester. Matt Forte can't get the last yard on second down, and Chicago sets up for third down, but calls timeout.

The Bears seem to need more than their share of early timeouts this season, as they still are getting into their comfort zone in Mike Martz's offense.

Third and one, in Jets territory and it's incomplete, but a flag is thrown for pass interference. First down, as the snow starts flying. From the 26, Cutler throws towards Johnny Knox in the end zone, incomplete. Second and ten, Forte gets three on the ground, and a screen to Forte is short of rthe first down.

Robbie Gould makes it 3-0 Bears.