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Chicago Bears Vs. New York Jets, Wednesday Injuries, Insults, And Updates

The Bears did not have a normal practice today, they settled for a walk-through indoors. So, while they don’t have a normal injury report for the day, they did provide a list of what players status would have been, had it been a normal practice.

Got that?

Injury Report: So, had this been a normal practice, Earl Bennett would have been designated as ‘did not participate’with an ankle injury. Furthermore,linebackers Lance Briggs(shoulder) and Pisa Tinoisamoa (knee) would have been limited, as would Charles Tillman (knee).

For the Jets, running back LaDanian Tomlinson and full back Tony Richardson both sat out for non-injury related reasons. Wide receiver Santonio Holmes (toe), tackle Damien Woody (knee) and safeties James Ihedigbo (knee/ankle) and Eric Smith (concussion) all did not participate.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez (shoulder), cornerback Darrelle Revis (hamstring) and defensive lineman Trevor Pryce (hip) were all listed as having ’limited participation. Jets coach Rex Ryan said he is “confident” Sanchez will be ready to go for Sunday.

Insult Report: Not much, so far. Both coaches seem to be taking great care not to provide the opposition with any bulletin-board material. While that’s par for the course for the tight-lipped Lovie Smith, Rex Ryan has been cautiously respectful of the Bears in general and return man Devin Hester. Even the combative Ryan has said in no uncertain terms, he has no intention of kicking to Hester.

Of course everyone says that, and means it, as well. All season long teams start out kicking away from him, even kicking out of bounds. But eventually every one of them gave him something to work with. It’s going to be interesting to see how Devin will do going forward, now that he’s broken the record.

My thinking is that he’s even more dangerous now, without the record hanging over his head. Now that he’s achieved that, he’ll have one less thing on his mind and can just go out and blaze.

Then of course, there’s this new video, perhaps of Ryan and his wife. We reported on it, as we are more or less obliged to, it’s sport news now whether we would have it be or not.

Like Brett Favre’s ‘candid photography’, I don’t really feel like it’s any of our business. We shouldn’t be in a position to judge. Unlike Brett Favre’s alleged actions, the video we’re shown is the act of two consenting adults, indulging in a mutually satisfying, basically innocent little game.

If their intentions were prurient, their production was PG-13, tops. They show more skin in commercials for microwave dinners. I actually found it sort of charming, a little game between two people who have a very genuine affection for one another.

I certainly hope the league has the good sense not to call out their morality watchdogs for this. Nobody should have to answer to the public, the media or their employer, about what they do with their spouse or lover. To me, there’s always a sort of leering voyeurism attached to interrogations of this sort, and they do little credit for any of the parties.

Earlier in the week, I wished you all happiness over the holidays, and I expressed the hope that you’ll use this time to spoil those around you. Today, I’d like to say I hope, that at least once in your lifetime, you will have done something adventurous enough to scandalize the general public, were they ever to catch wind of it.

And, I also hope they never do.