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Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings: The Chicago Bears Are NFC North Champs

Robbie Gould’s squib kick slides to the Minnesota ten yard line, Lorenzo Booker whiffs, but manages to bring it back to the 30 , with 6:51 left.

Joe Webb throws for a first, and then an incomplete, followed by a Toby Gerhart push for three.

Third and seven and Webb scrambles for another first. Shiancoe for seven and then another six. Urlacher slams him, and intercepts the next pass, but personal fouls on both teams offset, and they replay the down.

First and ten at the 38, and Gerhart gets about seven. Webb follows up with an incomplete, on third down, the Vikings are called for a false start.

Third and nine, and Joe Webb makes an incredible play, after avoiding the rush.

First and ten incomplete from the 18, and Charles Tillman intercepts and runs it back to the Vikings 35.

The Bears give it to Garrett Wolfe who loses six, and then gains eight.

At the two minute warning the Bears are passing out the championship hats.

Wolfe gets another short gain, and the Beras give the ball up on downs, on the following play.

With a little over one minute left Shiancoe gets nine, and Sidney Rice makes the catch, then gets it knocked out. Bears recover.

Game over. Bears Win!