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Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings: Chris Harris Interception Leads To Robbie Gould Score

Percy Harvin gets a first down, but pays the price from Major Wright, who’s back in the game.
Two plays later Henry Melton scoops up a forced fumble and the Bears will take over.

At this point, you hope they’ll just try to keep the ball on the grioubd, and keep Cutler and Co. safe from the hardening playing surface.

Bears ball and Chester Taylor pounds forward for two. He loses one, on the next play and the Bears have third and long. Jay Cutler is back, and holds the ball too long. he’s sacked and Brad Maynard will punt a beauty, back to the Vikings 32.

Joe Webb hits Sidney rice, but he’s covered and can’t hold on, second down and this time Rice hangs on for the first.. A neutral zone infraction gets another five, and Toby Gerhart catches one, but is tackled at the line of scrimmage.

The next pass is intercepted by Chris harris, who fights through Vikings to return it to the 32.

A helmet to helmet penalty moves the ball 15 yards and Rashied Davis drops a low ball from Cutler. They’re in the red zone and Matt Forte gets ten yards on an amazing second effort through traffic.

Another Forte run and it’s second and goal. Taylor goes nowhere. The Bears can’t close the deal, and Robbie Gould comes on for a chip shot.

40-14 Bears