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Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings: Devin Hester Almost Breaks The Record, Robbie Gould Makes It 20-7

Right before the end of the half, Jay Cutler was getting his chin bandaged after taking an uncalled helmet to the chin on his interception. It’s hard to imagine how that penalty wasn’t called.

So far the Bears have been lucky, injury-wise. The Corey Wootten hit on Favre, that resulted in his head hitting the frozen turf, was exactly the kind of thing that nobody wanted to happen.

The alcohol ban, has probably led to the pre-game drinking that so far has inspired a fan to run onto the field, and other ‘fans’ to be pelting Vikings and Beras alike wiyth snowballs in the end zone.

The Bears will receive to start the third .

Devin Hester takes the kick back to the Vikings six yard line, so close to the record breaker.

On first down, Chester Taylor gets nothing, on second down he can’t hit Johnny Knox in the end zone. On third downa quick shot to Earl Bennett is incomplete, and Robbie Gould makes it 20-7 Bears