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Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings: Two Vikings Suffer Head Injury On Turf, 17-7 At The Half

Joe Webb takes the field , and is welcomed to the NFL by a fired up Bears defense. He takes a sack,and goes three and out.

The Vikings continue to kick out of bounds.

First down from the 32 , and Jay Cutler hits Matt Forte for five, a Forte run gert seven,and a fresh set of downs.

A pitch to Forte nets another ten, and the Vikings need an injury timeout.

Cutler hits Greg Olsen for nine, Asher Allen tries to wrest it away, and a fan runs out on the field, he’s dragged off by security.

Chester Taylor gets five, for another first down. At the Vikings 31, Taylor loses a few.

It’s the two minute warning and it’s announced that Madieu Williams is the second Viking ‘doubtful’ to return after a head injury.

Jay Cutler hits Devin Aromashodu for a TD that’s called back on off-setting penalties. A second TD try, and Cutlers intercepted by Asher Allen.

Joe Webb completes to Percy Harvin for a first, then scrambles out of bounds for four. On second down he finds Lorenzo Booker for a first. The Vikings call a timeout.

Webb takes off, and gets wrapped up by the linebackers.On the next play he’s sacked but there’s a flag and some confusion.

A complicated explanation results in the \vikings being charged their las time out.

Second and ten, and Wbb goes down again, sacked by Lance Briggs. He heaves one that’s well defended. He throws up a hail mary, and the first half is over