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Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings: Favre Turnover Gives Bears Three

Danieal Manning takes the kickoff to about the 35, and Jay Cutler and the Bears go six, on a Matt Forte run up the middle. Another run goes nowhere and it's third and three. Cut;er rolls out and hits Earl Bennett for a first down.

A deflected pass is defelcted and the Bears are lucky it's not intercepted, second down and Earl Bennett gets close to the first, but loses the ball recovered by Greg Olsen. Third and four, and Cutler wants timeout.

You can see that conditions are slick, and ball protection is going to be especially important. Initially at least, the vikings seem to have better footing.

After the timeout, a quick pass goes incomplete, and the Bears will punt.

Brad Maynard kicks it to the 12, where a fair catch is made.

Brett Favre hands off to Toby Gerhart for no gain, Tim Jennings intercepts but an offsides nullifies it. Second and five, and Gerhart is stuffed again. Favre goes back and the pass is deflected by Henry Melton and it's caught by Julius Peppers.

The Bears take over at the Vikings 15, and run for two, second down and Forte is wrapped up for no gain. Johnny Knox can't bring down a bullet, and Robbie Gould hits from 29 yards.

7-3 Bears.