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Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings: Vikings Strike First Lead 7-0

The same Brett Favre who didn’t go to training camp and played poorly and got hurt, hasn’t practiced since being injured two weeks ago. The conditions are as they’ve been discussed all week as being; cold, snowy, overcrowded.

The Bears have spent the week preparing to take on a rookie qb and one of the league’s premiere running backs in Adrian Peterson. Then, with exactly two hours to go, the Vikings have announced they’re starting Brett Favre, and Adrian peterson is sitting out.

So with MNF gearing up the hyperbole machine, the stage is set for a history making game, rather than the mundane affair that the Bears simply clinching their division would have been. I’ve never completely understood (aside from it just being repeated so often) why MNF is supposed to be any different from any other game.

The Vikings won the toss and will receive. The wind is a factor.

Lorenzo Booker with a long return, and here comes Favre. A run goes for three yards, and then Toby Gerhart up thre middle, for third and one.

Gerhart bounces off Julius Peppers, and goes outside for a ten yard gain. First Down and Favre hits Percy Harvin for eleven. Gerhart ismpicking up nice yards, and goes for another seven. An offside penalty won’t matter as Percy Harvin goes 20 yards on a lazy screen pass.

The Vikings lead 7-0