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Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings: The Return Of Brett Favre?

Is it a love of the spotlight, or a deep-seated fear of irrelevance that drives Brett Favre? Whatever personal demons or horrible advisers that led the aging, increasingly brittle quarterback to return to the Minnesota Vikings this season, are whispering to Favre again.

Brett Favre’s condition has been changed from ‘out’ to ‘questionable’. He’s expected to test his arm a few hours before game time, according to Chicago Breaking Sports.

What would possess him to play this game, with nothing to gain? The prospect of going out onto a poorly prepared playing surface, with a slew of nagging injuries both minor and significant, to be manhandled by one of the NFL’s premiere defenses is irrational to say the least.

Masochistic is probably closer to the truth. I’ve made my feelings clear in past columns, Favre is done. It should be apparent to anyone whose seen him play this year, even before his latest injury, the shoulder of his throwing arm, by the way.

Is it Monday Night Football, the chance to be seen by all of America again, that he craves? Is he looking for that storybook ending? The drama attached to this game is already palpable, does he want to step in at the last second to snatch the spotlight away from Joe Webb, and the NFC North championship-hopeful Bears?

Even if he staged a miraculous victory, what's it worth?