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NFL Pro Bowl Voting: Monday Is Your Last Chance

Pro Bowl fan voting ends tonight at the end of the Bears/Vikings game, so it's your last chance to get deserving Bears into the game, which for them is not much more than a vacation in Hawaii; not much hitting goes on in the game and no one really wants to do much more than let other players run, pass and score as much as possible. Since 2000, the lowest score by any conference is 17 and six times one of the sides has scored more than 40 points -- three times over 50, including the 2004 game when both the AFC and NFC scored over 50 (the NFC won 55-52).


Unlike pro sports teams who trumped "Vote for all your favorites!" regardless of whether they're actually All-Star worthy or not, the Deep Dish will simply remind you that as of a couple of weeks ago, Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher and Devin Hester were all leading their respective positions in voting and we can confidently say that these three, at least, have had seasons worthy of Pro Bowl recognition.


You can vote online at this link or via your mobile phone by texting PRO BOWL to MYNFL (69635).