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Chicago Bears Vs. Minnesota Vikings: Big Game On The Big Stage

There’s enough subplots in tonight's game between the Bears and Vikings to fill a soap opera. There’s the field they couldn’t play on, and the field they maybe shouldn’t play on. There’s the snow that had to be removed from the stadium in time for the game, and the snow that’s falling in the stadium today. All day and night.

There’s the wounded who won’t play, like Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson, and the wounded who might play, like Adrian Peterson and Pisa Tinoisamoa.

And the possibility of players wounded on a field that was never designed to be used this late in the year.

That’s enough right there to make any tv producer jealous of ESPN’s flagship program, Monday Night Football.

But the story that means the most to Chicago fans is the happy ending to the regular season, that a win would bring.

The NFC North Championship. A win tonight would give the Bears their first playoff appearance since 2006. A scenario nobody was talking about at the beginning of the season. We heard about Favre, we heard about Aaron Rodgers.

Well listen up NFL, because tonight’s the night for Jay Cutler, Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears.

We’ll be here at game time, bringing you all the action and all the updates. Keep checking SB Nation Chicago. There’s a 100% chance of precipitation in Minnesota, and a 100% chance of excitement tonight.

See you there.