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Live Stream Of Snow Removal At TCF Bank Stadium For Bears And Vikings

Those of us “of a certain age” remember when the NFL Today on CBS was introduced by Brent Musburger saying, “You are looking LIVE” at stadiums all across the NFL. This, in an era when satellite links were still somewhat new in television.

Today, that’s commonplace, as is streaming video on the web. So, it’s my pleasure to say that “you are looking live” at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis via this link on, the website of University of Minnesota athletics.

At the time of this posting — a little after 11:30 a.m. CST Friday — it looks like they’ve cleared the entire field and are making significant progress in getting the snow out of the stands. Earlier reports said that they would start to try to thaw the field today and keep it under a heated tarp until Monday. That should help with criticism that the field will be too hard, like concrete, and could cause injuries to players.

The tundra may not be frozen, but it looks like the Bears and Vikings will be playing in temperatures in the teens on Monday. Just to make the scene appropriate, it may be snowing during the game, too.