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NFL May Be Forced To Rule Out TCF Bank Stadium For Bears-Vikings

As different reports trickle in from all over, the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears game seems less likely to have a venue in TCF Bank Stadium. The Minnesota's Vikings organization has furiously attempted to end their 50th anniversary season in a local setting, but they may have started too late.

The unsuitabliity of TCF Bank Stadium seems to be increasingly apparent, even if snow removal efforts are successful, which is by no means certain. Chicago Breaking Sports reports that many volunteers abandoned the line, when it moved too slow at 6:00 A.M. today. Conflicting stories regarding how much, if anything, volunteers would be paid, are indicative of the disorganization that has permeated of every aspect this project.

That Chicago Breaking Sports link also indicates that the Chicago Bears management are considering filing a protest with the league over the frozen condition of this field. It's a legitimate concern. Even if the Bears were not on a playoff run, this situation puts the health and safety of their players at an unacceptable risk level. It's also a concern shared by Vikings players and the NFLPA.

There are questions regarding concessions, beer sales, seating capacity, field safety, even running water is at question. It's past time to continue to indulge the Vikings ownership in this fiasco. The NFL has a responsibility to players and fans that supersedes the wishes of Zygi Wilf.