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Colts Offer Lucas Oil Stadium For Bears And Vikings Monday Night Football Date

What if they can’t get TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis ready for the Bears and Vikings Monday night? What if they can’t get water running in the restrooms? — if the pipes freeze, you can’t expect 50,000+ people to just “hold it” all night. What if the ground is too frozen to play on? What if there’s more snow than the two feet already on the ground and they can’t clear the field up in time to make it playable? How are they going to accomodate 54,000 Vikings season ticket holders in a stadium that seats 50,000? (Not to mention 9,000 or more who have already purchased single-game tickets to the game.) is reporting that the Indianapolis Colts have offered the use of Lucas Oil Stadium in that city for the game, if the outdoor stadium in Minneapolis isn’t ready in time or some of the other issues noted above come into play. The article says that the situation is still “fluid”, and here’s another issue:

If the game must be moved from Minnesota, the Indianapolis Colts have offered to host the game inside their domed Lucas Oil Stadium, team sources told Clayton on Wednesday. However, the sources said the Vikings are wary of that option because they fear Chicago fans will buy out Indy’s stadium.

Chicago, of course, is only three hours’ drive from Indianapolis and that’s a legitimate concern for Vikings officials, who have already seen one home game played in Detroit. We’ll have further information whenever it’s available.