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Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots Final 36-7

A two yard run begins the quarter and then Wes Welker picks up the first. Two runs later, and it’s third and one. A Bears team that prides itself on run defense is getting picked apart, and it’s first and ten again. A holding call puts the ball at the 41.

Brandon Tate gets 12 back, and Gronkowski gets another four. Julius Peppers gets Tom Brady for a sack.

The Pats punt it into the end zone, and the Bears will start at their own 20. Devin Hester gets five, then Jay Cutler hits Chester Taylor for a first down. A bobble, incompleteion and on second and ten Cutler finds Earl Bennett for another first.

Cutler fields a high snap and scrambles for about 15. Then connects with Bennett for a first down at the Pats 10 . There’s an injury timeout as Arrington is helped off

First and goal and Cutler can’t get it to Bennett, Cutler in trouble, forces a throw into the end zone and it’s intercepted.

First and ten Pats from the 20, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis goes forward a yard. Tom Brady gets sacked for seven. Then hits Brandon tate who make a beautiful catch. The Pats sit Tom Brady, with under five minutes left.

Brian Hoyer takes over and picks up a first in Bears territory on a hand off. Green-Ellis goes for three, and another making it third and four. The Bears give up another first down at the two minute warning.

The Pats will let the clock run out, finishing with a season-high 477 yards,

36-7 Final Patriots beat The Chicago Bears.