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Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots: Pats Continue Dominance, 36-0

The Bears have given up more than twice the points in the first half, than they average per game. You can make a good case that Johnny Knox was down before he gave up the ball for a TD, you can argue that the Patriots get more of their share of calls. But none of it matters, in the long run. This team is unbelievable. Their focus and their precision is unlike anything I recall seeing in the NFL. Unless it was other Patriot teams. They need a win to clinch a playoff spot today, and they came fully prepared to achieve that goal.

The Bears, on the other hand, have hardly left the starting gate, and they have payed the price at every possession.

Chicago will receive the ball to open the second half. We will see if they can look a little less stunned this half. Danieal Manning returns the kick to the 35.

A Jay Cutler screen to Matt Forte is incomplete, and a follow up run goes for eight. And a pass to Johnny Knox is defended perfectly. The Bears will punt.

Brad Maynard gets a crazy wobbling punt off, to the Pats 37.

Tom Brady hands off to BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who gets another routine first down. Likewise the follow up pass to Rob Gronkowski. The next pass to Gronkowski only gets five, and Green-Ellis gets hit at the line of scrimmage. An incomplete pass, and the Pats will have to settle for a field goal.

36-0 Patriots