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Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots: 33-0 As Tom Brady Hits Deion Branch On The Way To The Locker Room

Danieal Manning brings the ball out to the 33 yard line.Matt Forte loses five on a run, and gets six back on a pass. Jay Cutler hits Forte, who drops it and the Bears are going to punt again after the two minute warning.

The Patriots have outscored their opponents 103 to 10, since halftime of their Thanksgiving game.

And a 71 yard touchdown punt return, is taken away by a holding call. So it’s first and ten from the Pats 19. BenJarvus Green-Ellis gets a yard, then Tom Brady hits Deion branch for 18. brian Urlacher bats down the first down pass, then Danny Woodhead falls forward for two.

And with no time left on the clock, Tom Brady hits Branch for 59 yards and another touchdown.

Somehow theextra point misses, and the half ends 33-0 Patriots.