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Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots: Tom Brady Hits Gronkowski For A TD, 7-0 Pats

The snow is blowing in every direction, including up. The wind is blowing at 30 m.p.h. gusting to 45. The Bears have elected to kickoff and take the wind to their back.

Tom Brady and the Patriots start on their 31, and Brady completes a short pass to Wes Welker. a run is snuffed out behind the line of scrimmage, and Israel Idonije and brian Urlacher sack Brady on the next play.

Hester returns the punt to the Bears 46. Jay Cutler hands off to Matt Forte for three yards, and again for another six, Third and one and this time Forte is wrapped up for a loss. Brad Maynard punts to the 12 yard line, and it's downed by Corey Graham.

Brady from the shotgun, hits Wes Welker for eight, BenJarvus Green-Ellis get s 12 on the ground. Brady throws two incompletes, then hits Welker for 17. Green-Ellis runs for two, then a screen pass is for a loss makes it third and 12, and Brady finds Deion Branch for a first near the Bears 35 yard line.A play action pass makes it first and goal.

A run gets a couple yards, and Urlacher tips a pass, that's almost intercepted by Chris Harris.Third down, and Brady throws a laser strike to Rob Gronkowski.