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2010 NFL Playoff Picture: Week 14 NFC North Preview

Week 14 is upon us, and the biggest story is currently the weather. In Minnesota, the weather has forced the postponment of The Vikings vs. NY Giants game. And that's in an indoor stadium. At present, it looks like that game will be played in Detroit's Ford Field on Monday night. The layover in Kansas city, might work to New York's advantage, especially if the extra day's rest convinces Vikings coach Leslie Frazier that it's good idea to start serially wounded quarterback Brett Favre.

The weather will also be a factor in today's Chicago Bears Vs New England Patriots game. It's going to be wet with snow in Soldier Field, making the freshly sodded playing surface even more treacherous. But the 45 m.p.h. gusting winds are going to make a heavy dose of run plays a necessity. The Hawk, (a nickname for Chicago's cold winter wind) may be able to do what few NFL defenses have managed; negating Tom Brady's big-play ability. If this game is played on the ground? The Bears run defense comes out on top. For more on this match-up, go to our Bears/Patriots StoryStream right here.

The Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions, seems like a chip-shot for the Pack. The Lions at 2-10, have had their moments, but quite simply don't have 60 minutes of game in them. With as much as the Packers (8-4) have on the line in this game, look for them to come out and take care of business.