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Chicago Bears Vs. New England Patriots: The Greatest Show On Snow

You can't throw the ball in 45 winds. You can't run the ball on frozen chunks of loose sod. Is there a third option? Forget the cleats, forget the turf shoes. Bring snowshoes. Chicago Weather Center, is predicting snow from now until bedtime. 

A lot of people talked about how unfortunate the New York Giants were, diverted to Kansas City, on their way to play the Vikings in Minnesota. Their game has been postponed until Monday night, and it'll be played indoors. I imagine that some Chicago Bears are looking out their windows this morning and dreaming of having a snow day,

But that probably won't happen, the Bears and the New Ehngland Patriots are set to meet in Soldier Field at 3:15 CST, so keep looking here for updates and news, up to and right through kickoff!