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Lovie Smith Says The Bears Seem Worse Than Their Record

The Chicago Bears eeked out a win against the winless Buffalo Bills on Sunday and, rather than feeling good about it, Bears head coach Lovie Smith said the Bears don’t seem as good as their record might indicate.

“We’re 5-3 right now, and a lot of times it seems like we’re 2-6 or something like that,” Smith said in his post-game press conference. “We’re a good football team, and, in time, we’ll prove that more and more. I like our position.”

The Bears next chance to prove that they’re in a good position is next week against NFC North rival Minnesota with the Vikings coming off of a big of their own.

“We’re excited to get the fifth win. We needed to get it to set up a huge game for us this week against Minnesota,” Smith said. “Back in the division. I think we’ve won four division games in a row, and we’re anxious to play the Vikings for the first time.”

For the sake of Bears’ fans, let’s hope Chicago looks more like a 5-3 team this week than it does a 2-6 team.