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Bears Vs. Bills: Thursday News And Notes

No go for Bowman: Although he was expected to be ready to play this week, CB Zack Bowman (foot), has not been able to participate in individual drills today.

LB Lance Briggs (ankle) and G Edwin Williams (back) are anticipated to see limited duty.

Newly acquired Bills LB Shawne Merriman is not expected to play Sunday

Linebackers, Home and Away:  Lance Briggs says he'd like to play more international games, "I'd love to play more games outside of the country.Would love to play in London, Mexico (and) send postcards from there to home."

Fellow LB Brian Urlacher, has a different view, "I like playing at Soldier Field." Urlacher added, "I like playing at certain places because it's a hostile environment. I don't know how bad it'll be up in Toronto for us. But I like going certain places around here where they don't like us as much."

He's unlikely to get a very negative reception in Toronto, as the Bears and Bills have very little shared history, and nothing that occurs Sunday will change the course of the 0-7 Bills playoff hopes.

But the Bears still have 3 NFC North away games where Urlacher can be disliked to his heart's content.

Shields Up!  Word has it that Toronto's Rogers Centre, the venue hosting Sunday's game, will be closing the roof due to weather concerns. A check of Toronto's weather shows mostly sunny skies, with temp. between 34-47 degrees Fahrenheit.