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Newsflash: Cutler Struggling Under Martz

It's official. Jay Cutler is struggling under Mike Martz's direction. It has to be true since this comes from two former Super Bowl quarterbacks -- Kurt Warner and Joe Theismann. You can't argue with them, can you? According to Warner in a Chicago Breaking Sports story:

"Where I see Jay struggling right now is in the confidence and understanding, whether it be his part of the system and understanding the whole realm of that, or whether it's the guys around him not necessarily being there on time.↵

↵"I see hesitation in Jay at the back end of his drop and in the pocket, where he wants to get back there, hitch a couple times, see something come open and then make the throw. And in this offense it's not built that way. That's the biggest struggle that they're having is that the timing orientation of it is off right now."

And Theismann says he sees Cutler holding the ball too long.


Well, duh. At least Bears fans can now use the words of two respected quarterbacks to back what they already knew.