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Bears Vs. Eagles Final: Bears Win 31-26, Sit Alone Atop The NFC North

The Bears, with a two score lead, start running out the clock. With 4:30 left, the Philadelphia Eagles are out of timeouts. The Bears go three and out, and the Eagles will start at their own 32, after the fair catch.

Two short passes give Michael Vick and Philly a first down at the 43, and follow with a seven yard run. The Bears are giving up the short passes in the middle, and keeping their safeties back. An offensive pass interfence followed by an 11 yard pass, and we’re down to the two -minute warning.

Third and nine, and Vick throws up a floater, incomplete. On fourth down he finds Brent Celek, who makes an incredible catch in traffic, for a touchdown,

It’s 31-26 Bears, with 1:48, and the eagles set up for an onside kick. The wind forces the Eagles to use a holder. Johnny Knox comes up with it. A brief tempest in a teapot over whether he was touched on the catch, and the Bears run out the clock.

Jay Cutler takes a knee on second down, but the lines are fighting again. There’s a flag, but no penalty.And the game ends with another scrap on the line.

Bears win 31-26. Final.