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Bears Vs. Eagles: 31-19 Bears As Tempers Flare And Jay Cutler Is Flagged

A Nick Roach holding penalty, brings back another excellent runback, this time by Danieal Manning. costingthe Bears 36 yards. They start from the 19, and Matt Forte goes nowhere on a run. Jay Cutler hits Johnny Knox who extends the run after the catch for a total of 36 yards. Matt Forte takes the next handoff, and takes the ball to ther 46, second and nine. An end around to Hester goes nowhere, and the shoving match is on again, as Philly is getting frustrated.

Third and nine and incomplette. The Bears want a flag, and Jay Cutler is flagged for unsportsmanlinke conduct, making the punt 15 yards deeper.

Cutler has been animated all game long, and the Bears are playing with an unusual intensity.

DeSean Jackson slips and the Eagles start at their own 23. First down, and Michael Vick throws incomplete. Jason Avant gets a first down, as Vick has all day to throw. On first down from his own 46, Vick takes off, and gets an five yards on a hands to the face penalty. A long pass and suddenly the \eagles are first and goal. An incomplete to DeSean Jackson, is followed by a screen that loses ten yards, as the whole defensive line was in pursuit. Third down and Julius Peppers dives and takes Vick down by the foot.
David Akers connects making it 31-19. with 4:47 left in the game.