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Bears Vs. Eagles: Jay Cutler and Matt Forte Drive Downfield, Robbie Gould Makes It 31-13

The Eagles working from a hole now, start their second half with an incomplete, and a Vick fumble. On third and eighteen, Philadelphia takes their first timeout.
They follow with A LeSean McCoy run, and the Eagles punt.

Devin Hester lets it go, and the Bears start at their own 12 yard line. A Matt Forte run is negated by a holding call, putting the ball at the six yard line. Forte goes 28 yards on the next play, then Cutler gets in on the act, running 12 yards, to the 46 for a first down.Earl Bennett hands off to forte for five yards.

Cutler flips to Forte for a first down.

Chester Taylor loses four, when the Eagles come in untouched. A wildcat snap to  Bennett gets a first and the Bears are on fire. A couple plays later and they're back in the red zone. On second and four, Forte pushes over the 10 yard line. On third down , a quick screen and the Bears are first and goal for the four.

Two Chester Taylor runs goes nowhere, and it's third and goal from the five. On the sixteenth play of the drive, Cutler throws it a way, and Robbie Gould kicks a 23 yard field goal