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Bears Vs Eagles; Greg Olsen Grabs TD Pass After Devin Hester Puts On A Show

The Bears tied the Eagles for defensive takeaways, with Chris Harris intercepting Vick in the second quarter. Earl Bennett is having a career day, with his first two TD game. The Bears lead 21-13 at the half and will be receiving the kickoff.

The Bears offense has given up three sacks, but has come up huge, making big plays on the ground and in the air. Three plays of over thirty yards, in the first half.

Devin Hester is back to return the kickoff. He goes 46 yards before slipping. The Bears start the second half at mid-field.

After a Matt Forte run, the lines engage in a little shoving match. second and eight. Jay Cutler rolls out and hoits Devin Hester for 34 yards, and they tack on a personal foul, for a horse collar, the Bears are on the nine yard line.Greg Olsen takes the ball away from Dimitri Patterson, on the Cutler pass and just like that, the Bears lead 28-13