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Bears Vs. Eagles: Chris Harris Interception Leads To Earl Bennett TD.

With eight minutes to go, the Bears start from their own 19 yard line. A Matt Forte run goes two yards. Jay Cutler is sacked for the third time, putting them at third and sixteen. And is sacked again by Trent Cole. The Eagles are getting to Cutler quickly, leaving no time to set anything up.

With 6:19 left, Philadelphia fair catches the punt, in Bears territory. on first down Michael Vick hands off to McCoy, who is wrapped up by D.J. Moore, behind the line of scrimmage. Brent Celek takes a pass for nine yards to the 34. Third and three and Vick hits Jeremy Maclin for a first down..

Jeremy Harrison is wrappd up after a two yard run, and Vick methodically takes the middle of the field hitting Jason Avant for a first, and another when LeSean McCoy goes 11 yards on a screen.

Vick seems to be moving the ball at will, and the eagles are poised to score again.

First and goal and Vick hits Jerome Harrison for four yards on a screen, at the two minute warning.

Second and goal, and the Bears intercept! Chris Harris takes the deflected pass 38 yards with 1:50 left in the half.

Jay Cutler and Devin Hester hook up to bring the ball to mid-field. Earl Bennett shakes multiple tackles to take the next pass to the Eagles 20.

Cutler lofts one to Devin Hester in the end zone, incomplete. A laser to Johnny Knox, and the run after the catch makes it first and goal on the six yard line. Earl Bennett misses, then catches the next pass, and crosses the goal line.

21-13 Bears.

The Eagles try to put together a drive with 30 seconds left in the half, with all their timeouts they get to their own 46 yard line when time expires.

The Bears use their second time out with 1:32 on the clock and first down.