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Bears Vs. Eagles: David Akers Field Goal Makes it 14-13 Bears

Danieal Manning gives the Bears the ball near mid-field, as special teams continues to dominate. Matt Forte loses two, and Jay Cutler uses a time out, and then scrambles for no gain. On third and eleven, the Eagles send in Brandon Graham to sack Cutler for their second sack.

A Corey Graham penalty on the punt gives the Eagles an extra 15 yards, to pout the ball at the 41 yard line. Vick is forced to throw the ball away, then Lesean McCoy goes 18 yards for a first down, and then hits DeSean Jackson for 19. The Eagles are on the Bears 20, and then the nine yard line, following another completion.

A shovel pass bounces off the intended receiver, and Vick runs up the middle for seven. Third and goal at the three, and Julius Peppers chases Vick down, making Vick lose his shoe, and Philly settles for a David Akers field goal.