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Bears Vs. Eagles: Jay Cutler Finds Johnny Knox To Lead 14-3

After taking over at the 35 yard line, Michael Vick's first pass is caught, but the receiver slips on the Soldier Field turf, he tries to throw it away, but is sacked on the next play, and after Vick eludes a couple defenders for a five yard gain, the Eagles are forced to punt. The Bears defense is keeping Vick in check thus far, by methodically leaving rushers, near the scrimmage line.

The Bears take over with excellent foeld position, near their 40 yard line. Chester Taylor loses one yard, And Devin Hester breaks free for 39 yards on a screen pass. the Bears have first and ten, on the 21 yard line. Chester Taylor takes the ball for a short gain, on the next play.

Jay Cutler catches the Eagles defense off guard with a play fake and hits Johnny Knox for a touchdown. As the crowd begins singing 'Bear Down Chicago Bears', Robbie Gould kicks the PAT, and the Bears lead 14-3