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Bears Vs. Eagles: David Akers Kicks 45 Yarder To Put Eagles Up 3-0

With playoff implications in every game from here on, the Chicago Bears receive some good news from Atlanta, where the Falcons kicked a field goal with eight seconds left on the clock, to win 20-17 over the Green Bay Packers. A win today would give the Bears a one -game lead, in the NFC North. Leslie Frazier got his first win as a head coach in the NFL, as the Vikings beat the Washington Redskins 17-13.

The Bears kick off to the Eagles, who begin at their own 27 yard-line. The Bears wrap up the Eagles first two runs, sack Vick, and take over after the punt at their 34 yard-line. Cutler throws an incomplete, and Matt Forte takes the next play for a five yard run.  A false start wipes out that gain, and Jay Cutler is sacked and the Bears go three and out.

DeSean Jackson takes the Brad Maynard punt back 36 yards, giving the Eagles great field position. A screen pass for six yards brings the ball into Bears territory. Another screen brings them near the 35 yard line. Vick is forced out of bounds on a three yard run, and the following run nets another four. Vick overthrows Brent Celek, and the Eagles go up on a 45 yard field goal, from David Akers