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NFL Lockout Could Cost Illinois And Chicago Up To $160 Million, Says NFLPA

The NFL Players association and its president, Kevin Mawae, wrote to Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley today, according to Chicago Breaking Sports, and warned of possible major financial losses to Chicago and Illinois if the NFL doesn’t play in 2011.

Mawae wrote that the players want to play next year and claimed they want to continue to bargain in a good faith labor negotiation, but they fear the league would go ahead with a lockout because they have guaranteed money from television contracts.

Mawae and the NFLPA claim that the economic impact on an NFL lockout on the city of Chicago and state of Illinois could be up to $160 million in lost revenue and lost jobs. The purpose of the letter was, reportedly, to ask the political leaders to tell the NFL to continue that good faith negotiation.

Obviously, this effort from union leaders is to try to get the government officials to see their side in tough economic conditions. No response yet from Quinn, Daley or the NFL.