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Thursday Night Football: Chicago Bears Dominate The Miami Dolphins, Win 16-0

Brian Urlacher smothers Tyler Thigpen, for a loss of nine and the Miami Dolphins are forced to punt. Devin Hester is trying mightily to break one here in his hometown, but is tacled after a ten yard return.

Chester Taylor takes it out from the 22, for a one-yard gain. Cutler gets the first down, on a quick strike to Hester. They follow it up, with a roll out screen to Devin Hester again, for eight yards.

J'Marcus Webb nullifies a  nice Chester Taylor run, with his third holding penalty. Jay Cutler doesn't like what he sees before the snap, and calls timeout.

The Bears have been entirely in control, up to this point. And the time of possession is very lopsided, in their favor.

Out of the timeout, Taylor runs for three, and then Cutler is sacked for the second time.

Davone Bess fair catches a 49-yard Brad Maynard punt.

Tyler Thigpen scrambles and doesn't slide, he's hit hard by Brian Urlacher. And Julius Peppers gets the Bears' fifth sack.

On the next play Peppers is shaken up after a collision with Chris Harris.

An illegal block on the punt return, puts the Bears back at their own 18-yard line.

They continue to eat the clock, handing off to Matt Forte, for a one yard gain. His next run goes for no gain.

On third and nine, Cutler rolls out and is nearly picked off.

Maynards punt takes a Bears roll, and ends up traveling 49 yards, to the Dolphins 33 with 7:14 left.

After a scramble out of bounds, Thigpen finds Ronnie Brown for a first down. The Dolphins lose six, on another Julius Peppers sack

A screen to Brown is stopped after five yards by Lance Briggs. Another pass to Ronnie Brown is short and they go for it, on fourth and six.

Davone Bess can't hold on to the ball, after Danieal Manning pastes him, and the Dolphins give it up on downs.

Cutler hands off to Forte and loses two. The Dolphins take a timeout. Forte follows with six yards around a pile-up, and Miami takes its second timeout at 3:46.

Cutler shoots a laser to Johnny Knox, for a first down, the Bears 19th of the game. A little chipping at the line of scrimmage, and the Dolphins take their last timeout, at 2:55.

Forte is is tackled behind the line, on a pitch, and it's third and thirteen. Cutler takes an eight yard sack, and J'Marcus Webb's fourth penalty is declined, and the clock winds down to the two-minute warning.

Brad Maynard punts to Davone bess, who brings it seven yards to the 22 yard line.

Charles Tillman prevents the Dolphins from getting out of bounds. They're giving Thigpen the middle, and letting time run out.

This is only the second time the Miami Dolphins have been shut out at home, in their 40 year history. And the Bears are the first NFL team to win 700 regular season games.