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Thursday Night Football: Bears Hold A 16-0 Lead On A Matt Forte Run TD

Robbie Gould is all leg tonight, kicking his second touchback of the night, after his 50 yard field goal put the Bears up 9-0.

The Miami Dolphins' Tyler Thigpen gets a first down, then quickly finds himself at three and five. He tres to escape Israel Idonije, but he's tripped up for a 16 yard loss.

A short punt gives the Bears possession at their own 40 yard line, and Cutler and Company will go back to work.

Matt Forte gets a first down, after a long run and a punch-through. Another hand-off gets another nine yards, as Forte is softening up the Dolphins line, Taylor takes the next run and it's third and inches. They fake a reverse, and taylor gets the first, driving up the middle.

Another short Taylor run, and the Bears are already managing the clock,

Cutler is almost intercepted, but the ball is dropped and there's a penalty. He rears back again and finds Greg Olsen near the sideline for 12, first down.

Just outside the red zone, Cutler tries to hit Olsen in the end zone, incomplete. Forte picks up two, on a draw. The clock is down to four minutes, and the Bears take a time out, with the ball at the 21, and third and seven. He finds Greg Olsen in the middle, for another third down conversion.

On first and goal, Forte takes it to the six,  then to the two, on the next play. On thrid down, Forte takes it in standing up. Nice blocking on from the O-line.

16-0 Bears.