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Thursday Night Football: Bears Vs. Miami Second Half: Robbie Gould All Night 9-0 Bears

The Miami Dolphins will kick to the Chicago Bears to start the second half. The Bears won the coin toss at the beginning of the game, but deferred.

The Bears defense has been tough, but the Dolphins are now playing their third string center, giving the ball to their third-string quarterback. And to make matters worse, hamstring problems may prevent Brandon Marshall from returning for the second half.

The offense hasn't been able to capitalize, however. And unless they can light up the second half, the doubts about this team will linger. They've been extremely balanced, almost even. Third down conversions are improving on a game by game basis. So hopefully the points will come

Rashied Davis receives the kickoff and takes it 10 yards to the 30.

Cutler hits Johnny knox for 16 yards on a play fake. Forte dances and bulls his way for nine yards around end, then punches through the middle for seven. The line is looking good, so far.

Matt Forte is caught for a two yard loss, and Cutler throws into traffic, lucky it's only an incomplete. Cutler has time, but no trgets, and he runs for six.

Robbie Gould puts them up 9-0 with a 50 yarder.