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Thursday Night Football Chicago Bears Lead The Miami Dolphins 6-0 At The Half

The Bears defense is flying all over the field, and Brandon Marshall gets their first down, only to get a 15 yard taunting penalty. Miami recovers with a 23 yard completion..

Ricky Williams loses three on the next play, and Marshall hears Tillman's footsteps, and drops the ball. On third and long, Henry Melton wraps up a scrambling Tyler Thigpen, and the Dolphins have to punt again.

Devin Hester calls for a fair catch, and the Bears start at their own six.

Matt Forte gains four yards on a screen pass. He follows it up with a run for one yard. On third and five, hHe winds up and hits Hester for 15 yards and a first down. so far the Bears run-pass ratio is very balanced.

The Miami Dolphins take a timeout with 5:44 left in the second quarter.

Cutler is knocked down on an incomplete, and scrambles for six on the next play. And the third down conversion continue, with a 12 yard shot in the middle to Johnny Knox.

On the next play, Greg Olsen catches and runs for 11, and another first down. Matt Forte answers with an11 yard run to follow. Chester Taylor for one, and the Bears are driving at the two-minute warning.

On a second and eight, at the 36  yard line, a holding call on J'Marcus Webb, backs them up ten yards.

Second and 21, Cutler throws it up and it's pulled down by Benny Sapp, but there's a booth review at the 1:46 mark, to determine if he maintained possession.

It's ruled an interception, Cutler's tenth of the season.

Each team has two timeouts left.

Thigpen hits Marshall for 19. But Brandon Marshall stays down, holding his leg. It's the second time he's been hurt after a catch, and it costs Miami a timeout.

Thigpen tries to make something out of nothing and gets hit from behind by Julius Peppers, followed by an incomplete. The next play, he throws behind Ricky Williams, and the ball is wrapped up by Lance Briggs.

A booth review overturns the interception, and the Dolphins are forced to punt with 53 seconds left in the half.

Devin Hester is back and fair catches at the Bears 14 yard line.

Forte runs for nine yards, and Cutler tries to hit Knox on a slant, then takes a knee to end the half.