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Thursday Night Football: Bears Lead Dolphins 3-0 At The End of The First Quarter

After a Robbie Gould touch back, the Bears stuff Thigpen, and nearly intercept the pass. A five yard Ricky Williams run, is followed by Thigpen scrambling for a first down but it's negated by an illegal block.

Charles Tillman intercepts a floater, and the Bears get the ball back in excellent field position. So far the Miami Dolphins offense hasn't been able to run two plays in a row.

The Bears start from the Dolphins 46, and Ciutler launces one, that Hester can't haul in. Chester Taylor runs for no gain, third and nine.

Cutler hits Earl Bennet for a first down near the 32. Immediately, Jay goes to Knox and gets anothe first down.

Chester Taylor loses two, as time expires in the first quarter.

Bears lead 3-0, and are threatening.