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Thursday Night Football Bears Vs. Miami: Robbie Gould Good from 46, Bears Lead

"They're all important. September, October, November,December."- Brian Urlacher

the Bears win the toss and defer. The Dolphins promptly return in 43 yards. Excellent field position.Tyler Thigpen completes to Brandon Marshall.

A double reverse reults in a fumble, way behind the line of scrimmage, the Dolphins are lucky to recover. Loss of eight.

Henry Melton sacks Thigpen, for another loss. Hester's back for the punt. Fair caught at the 12.

The Bears go three and out, and punt to the Dolphins 41. They looked pretty flat in their first possession, ultimately gaining only two yards.

The Dolphins are backed up by a holding call to start their possession, and can't gey back to the original line of scrimmage. Left Guard Corey Proctor is down on the field. The Dolphins can't afford any more injuries, they're spread as thin as any team in the NFL. After two possessions, the Dolphins are in negative yardage.

Hester is back, and returns it 22 yards. The Bears start their next possession with much better field position.

Matt Forte takes it around the end for a 21 yard gain. The Bears are at the Miami 40. Cutler finds Olsen for seven yards. A false start backs them up to third and seven.

Cutler, with all the time in the world finds Knox for a first down. Two Forte runs produce five yards.

Cutler is sacked and fumbles, but the Bears recover.

Robbie Gould kicks the field goal from 46 yards out. Three-zip, Bears.