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Thursday Night Football: Chicago Bears - Miami Dolphins Kickoff

 The NFL Network has hired every ex-player who owns a garish suit, to work their pre-game extravaganza. Thankfully, the two-plus hours of pre-game hype is finally over and the game is almost underway. it looks like a pretty nice night in Miami.

Will the Chicago Bears' Devin Hester run one back for a TD tonight? Will the Miami Dolphins kick to him? Will Tyler Thigpen come through for the Dolphins? Or are they going to have to run the wildcat formation all night? Jay Cutler's insulin levels have been discussed along with every other aspect of his game and personality.

And the highlights from the '85 Bears- Dolphins game have been shown on the jumbotron. And of course, there's fireworks. And sirens.

Are you ready for some football?