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Bears Vs. Vikings: No Miracle Finish For Favre Today

On the Bears next kickoff, the Bears appeared to recover a Percy Harvin fumble, that Brad Childress successfully challenges. Harvin is shaken up on the play. Two plays later Childress throws the red flag on what’s originally called a Lance Briggs interception.

But Childress loses this challenge and the Bears once again take over in Vikings territory.

Yet another penalty pushes them back, but Chester Taylor, who is having a stellar game against his former team, claims some yardage back. But the Bears are forced to punt, and Brad maynard pins Minnesota on their 1 yard line.

With five minutes remaining, and the Vikings down by 14, the talk of Brett Favre’s comeback last week dominates the broadcast booth.

But the Bears defense is not the Arizona Cardinals Defense, And Brett Favre is intercepted by Chris Harris, the 17th time Favre has thrown an INT this year.

The Bears have possession, and a two-touchdown lead, at the two-minute warning.