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Bears Vs. Vikings: Cutler Hits Hester For Touchdown

The wind continues to be a factor, as a short kick and Rasheed Davis goes 32 yards to put the Bears at midfield.They coontinue to be successful on third down conversions, even with the rash of penalties.

Jay Cutler finds Johnny Knox across the middle, and the Bears are rolling at the two-minute warning, on the 35 yard line. And a 15 yard personal foul nullifies a Jay Cutler nine yard run.

But again Cutler finds Knox, and keeps the drive alive. The Bears are 7-10 on third downs, and they’re inside the 20, and Cutler hits Devin Hester who takes it in for a score with under a minute left. A booth review holds up the call.

On the ensuing VikingsBrett Favre is sacked and stripped of the ball, and the Bears end the half with a missed field goal attempt from beyond the 40.