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Bears Vs. Vikings: Cutler To Olsen Touchdown, Bears Take Lead

An intentional grounding call on Favre and a nice Chicago defensive stand stops the Vikings drive. Ryan Longwell hits the upright, from 39 yards, giving the Bears the ball back with decent field position.

Chester Taylor’s first two runs of the game, brings the Bears close to midfield. The wind continues to be a challenge for both teams. The Bears have already committed four penalties on the day. A false start gives them 3-11, but Jay Cutler finds Johnny Knox for 30 yards, and the bears are in Vikings territory with 10:18 in the second quarter.

Jay Cutler and his receivers are finding their rhthym. With a balanced attack , the Bears are moving the ball well. But a holding call negates a touchdown catch by Greg Olsen, who gets it back on the next play