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Bears Vs. Vikings: Rumblings Against Brad Childress Getting Louder In Minnesota

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Sean Jensen writes today, that dissent is growing among Vikings players regarding head coach Brad Childress. He quotes several anonymous players on their unhappiness and overall distrust of Childress, who has been on the hot seat since training camp.

The Vikings' poor showing (3-5) so far this season, after going 12-4 and advancing to the NFC championship game last year, has only added fuel to the fire. In addition, giving up a third-round draft pick to the New England Patriots for what amounts to a three-game rental on Randy Moss, has done little to endear him to ownership.

Chief among player complaints, is a sense that Childress is disloyal, and has publicly questioned certain players' ability or will in the media.  Percy Harvin was stung by an implication from Childress that his effort was lacking in a recent game. And his sometimes snide comments at the press conference podium, have left many wondering just how deep the rift between coach and players actually runs, in Minnesota.

Last Sunday, after Brett Favre put together an overtime win, coming behind from a two touchdown deficit and throwing for an impressive 427 yards, Childress still managed to deride the future hall of fame quarterback. When he was asked how he felt after the game he sneered, "I'm not going to stand here like Brett Favre and tell you I need compassion, I need a hug. I'm all right.".

While all the players indicated they weren't going to allow their soured relationship with their head coach affect their will to succeed, it will be worth watching for further cracks in the Vikings foundation.