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Is Dave Toub The Bears 'Head Coach In Waiting'?

It's mid-season and one head coach, Wade Phillips late of the Dallas Cowboys, has gotten the axe. And there's no doubt more will come. That's why at this time of year is always thick with speculation and theories as to who's next to go, and who will take their place. Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun-Times cites rumors around Halas Hall that Dave Toub is next in line for Lovie Smith's position, should he be fired.

Keeping in mind that Lovie has one more year on his contract, and that the Bears orginization HATES firing people they still have to pay, plus the fact the Bears have never fired a coach during the season, what do you think?

Lovie Smith has more than his share of detractors, and naming successors for him has become as popular a game as darts or foosball in some Chicago area taverns. Nominees include former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, or former Bears quarterback Jim Harbaugh. Ron Rivera, who has a history with the Bears as a player and coach, is a popular choice.The Bears do have three former head coaches on staff in Rod Marenelli, Mike Tice and Mike Martz.

Toub has done some exceptional work on special teams, and absolutely deserves a look. But he's awfully good in the role he plays now. And if they finish well, I think the organization keeps Lovie on for another year. The idea of putting in another offensive coordinator, with another new system for Jay Cutler and his targets to learn may not sit well with management.