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Moss Cut By Vikings And Even The Bears Don't Need Him

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Randy Moss is looking for a new team. Please, don't let it be the Bears.

The Randy Moss debacle is almost enough to make you feel sorry for Brad Childress. His team is 2-5, and sliding. Brett Favre is wounded literally from head to toe, and is showing no signs of limping out of the way, to make room for Tarvaris Jackson. His recent meltdown over officiating cost him credibility, not to mention $35,000 in fines from the league.

And now he has to pay again, because the Vikings had to cut Moss today. They didn't have a choice, really. Even if you assume that Childress is at least partially, if not totally to blame, for bringing Moss back to Minneapolis, nobody deserves Moss' brand of team spirit.

One month ago, Moss stood in front of reporters and told them he "wasn't feeling the love" from Patriots fans. Yesterday, he made a very public showing of how much he missed Pats coach Belichick, owner Robert Kraft, clam chowder, and everything else New England. In between, he wouldn't talk to the media at all -- for that, he earned a $25,000 fine of his own.

Those were the days, weren't they, Brad?

Did the Vikings sign Moss for insight into the Patriots' offense? Or for his abilities? In either case, Randy Moss wasted their time and money. Sunday, Moss second-guessed Childress in front of the entire football world. And caught just one pass. And then he did the one thing that Randy Moss still does well.

He bit the hand that was feeding him.

He wasn't happy in New England, where he landed after not being happy in Oakland. And he wasn't happy in Minneapolis, and he won't be happy wherever he ends up next.

Not that being unhappy is a sin in and of itself. Even if, by all reasonable measurements, you live the life of of a rock star and Disney princess combined. Even Paris Hilton doesn't have the expectations of living in perfect surroundings that Randy Moss does.

Randy's sin is that he feels it necessary to burn every bridge he crosses no matter how many people are still on it. Nobody who offers a hand out to Randy Moss, doesn't get their face slapped in return. In Minnesota, some people are saying that his quitting on a play led to Brett Favre being carted off the field Sunday.

Already there are Bears fans clamoring for Chicago to go after Moss after he clears waivers. I don't know how anybody could still consider that a good idea even if you think your team is in trouble -- especially if you think your team is in trouble. Randy Moss is a good receiver, no question about it. But he's a terrible teammate, and he will walk over anyone's back, if that person gets between him and the spotlight.

The Bears have Lovie Smith, Mike Martz, Rod Marinelli, and Mike Tice. That's plenty of head coaches already. Even with the Patriots coming up on the schedule in December, Moss is one voice we don't need in Chicago.