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Bears Bye: Vikings Lose To Patriots 28-18, Favre Knocked Out

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Brett Favre got hit in the 4th quarter of Minnesota's loss to New England, sacked hard by Patriot DT Myron Pryor. When he got up off the ground he unsnapped his chin strap, which was soaked in blood. A woozy Favre was carted off the field and required stitches to close his wound. He was replaced by Tarvaris Jackson, who finsished the drive with a TD, and 2-point conversion. Statistically Brett had a better than the Pat's Tom Brady, but that's the only way.

If Minnesota signed Randy Moss hoping for an advantage against New England specifically, it didn't help. Not in gaining insight into their offense, who scored 28 points, or in their own offense as Moss was held to one catch for 9 yards..

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