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Matt Forte? Devin Hester? Lovie Mum On 'Third QB'

With Jay Cutler out and Todd Collins starting, Caleb Hanie moves up to be the Bears’ No. 2 quarterback Sunday. But what if Collins and Hanie both get hurt and the Bears need to go to a third option — as they did last Sunday? Coach Lovie Smith isn’t telling:

It could be Devin Hester or Matt Forte, who could take direct snaps out of the ’’wildcat’’ formation.

‘’We have an emergency plan,’’ Smith said Thursday. ‘’Most of the time, you don’t get to that third quarterback in a game. Very, very seldom does it happen. But I’ll just say without going into that and giving away too much more about our game plan, we have a guy in mind, maybe a couple of guys in mind, if we get down to No. 3. Hopefully we won’t get to No. 3.’’