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Former Redskins DB Matt Bowen Says Bears Did The Right Thing Shutting Down Cutler

In a commentary written for National Football Post, former NFL defensive back Matt Bowen says the Bears made the right call on Jay Cutler:

I had multiple concussions during my career, and I talked about this in a column over at the Chicago Tribune a couple of weeks back. I came back and played the following week in the 2003 season after suffering a black out concussion—complete with amnesia—and I felt the impact on that field. Hit Steve Smith on a post route in Carolina and laid on the ground—again.

Stupid move? Of course, now, looking back on it. Being retired makes you think that way. But, for current players, taking the proper course of action after a head injury, and after a game like Cutler had Sunday night in the loss to the Giants is the smart move—and the only move the Bears should make this Sunday.

Concussions are serious business. The Minnesota Twins’ Justin Morneau is out for the entire postseason after a midseason concussion — and baseball isn’t nearly the violent game that football is. Morneau’s career could be over. The Bears are wise to sit Cutler — because if he got hit again like he did last Sunday, more than his career could end.