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Bears Vs. Redskins Quotes: 'Weird', 'Bad', 'Disappointing', 'Discouraging'

Lovie Smith’s summary:

“Sometimes you just don’t play well enough to win. Like last week, I did feel like we were ready to play our best ball; didn’t feel that way today. Even though we had some struggles early on offensively, I thought the team was ready to go. Made adjustments, got ourselves back in it offensively. Defensively, for the most part, we were playing good most of the game. Got to the second half and again we were doing some good things. You can’t turn the ball over that many times – it’s as simple as that. Injury wise, Lance Briggs tried to go but couldn’t and Edwin Williams had some tightness in his back. Those were the two injuries. Got to give the Redskins credit, they hung in there, made some plays, took the ball away at some critical times there. Even with the amount of takeaways, amount of turnovers we had, we still put ourselves in position to make a comeback in the end but we came up a little bit short. As I told the team, lot of football left to go, this one hurts; we’re disappointed. But, we got a lot of football left to go and we’ll have a few practices next week. Hopefully we will keep taking steps in terms of improvement is concerned and go from there.”

Jay Cutler on blame for the interceptions:

“All of them. I’ll take them all. I’ll have to take a look at the film. Obviously, it’s very discouraging right now. We let a game get away from us. Our defense had every right to be mad at us. We blew that game offensively. Most of that falls on my shoulders.”

DeAngelo Hall on his interceptions:

“Early on, with the first pick, (Cutler) had gotten me with a couple of hitches on the other side of the field, and I just told myself that when I read the 3-step (drop), I’m going to go and get it. I thought (Devin) Hester was running the skinny post, and he ended up running a curl – that’s why my body was a little bit awkward when I tried to lay out and get the catch. I was hoping (the Bears) wouldn’t challenge it. I felt like (the ball) was kind of moving a little bit as I hit the ground. I kind of contained myself a little bit until we ran a play on offense. Then, I was like, ‘Cool, we got it.’ There was nothing he could really do with his eyes. It was more so the play calling we were getting and the front (defensive line). The front was out there getting after guys. It started with Albert (Haynesworth). (Brian) Orakpo came out there to play football. Everybody was out there playing football. It was a total team effort. I might have came out with the picks, but those guys up front were definitely putting pressure and making him throw that ball.”

Brian Urlacher on the state of the Bears:

“We’re not where we want to be, I can tell you that. We want to improve as the season goes on, and I don’t know if we’re doing that right now. We’re making too many mistakes on both sides of the ball and we’re not progressing like we should.”