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Bears Vs. Redskins: Turnovers Tell The Tale

When the stats come for this weekend’s NFL games, don’t be surprised to see Washington Redskins DeAngelo Hall listed among the leaders. He caught more Jay Cutler passes than most of the Bears receivers. He also ended the day in a 4-way tie with the Bears offense, the Bears defense, and the Redskins offense the for most points scored, at1 TD apiece.

After a 1st quarter where the Bears O-Line continued the poor protection that cost the team the Seahawks game, the offense seemed to start clicking on the last drive of the half.

The entire 2nd half was a litany of woes, featuring fumbles, interceptions, and poorly timed penalties. The Defense had another good outing wasted, managing to hold the Redskins to 17 points, despite 6 turnovers by the offense.